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The Port of Siuslaw delivers high-quality asset management and economic development services that result in measurable economic and community development benefits for communities throughout the Port District.

The Port of Siuslaw (pronounced sigh-YOU-slaw) is a publicly chartered special district under the law (ORS 777) of the State of Oregon. Though immediately adjacent to the City of Florence along the banks of the Siuslaw River, the Port is a special government entity that is separate from the City of Florence or Lane County.


The Port of Siuslaw fosters and promotes economic development, offers commercial and sport boat moorage facilities, boat launch, and an RV Campground. Past and present economic activities include commercial fishing, barging of lumber and quarried products, land development and tourism.

Five elected Port Commissioners from the Port district meet in monthly sessions, which are open to the public, to oversee operational decisions and make public policy for the Port. The Port Manager carries out these policy decisions. The Port interacts with all levels of government to abide by or forge new policy decisions.

The majority of the Port of Siuslaw’s operations are along the banks of the Siuslaw River immediately adjacent to the City of Florence, Oregon. These facilities include: commercial wharf, sport and commercial marinas, boat launch, industrial park and RV Campground. Additional facilities include a dock in Mapleton, Oregon.

WHERE IS THE PORT OF SIUSLAW & THE CITY OF FLORENCE?View of boat moorage and the Siuslaw River Bridge
The Port of Siuslaw and the City of Florence are located approximately 50 miles (80 km.) south of Newport, Oregon and 50 miles (80 km.) north of Coos Bay, Oregon. It is the closest coastal port to the city of Eugene, Oregon that lies 62 miles (100 km.) and a 75 minute drive away. Florence lies along scenic Highway 101 and connects to the Willamette Valley via Highways 126 and 36 which are both scenic in their own rights.

The Port is 4.7 (7 km.) river miles from the Pacific Ocean and offers the commercial fishing boat close access to prime fishing and crabbing grounds. Sport fishing of crab, salmon, sturgeon and other fish is available on the ocean as well as in the Siuslaw River. Within the Port district lie over 30 lakes which offer paradise for those going fishing and boating. Siltcoos and Woahink lakes are among the largest and best known lakes on the entire Oregon coast.

The Eugene Airport (Mahlon Sweet Field) is 62 miles (100 km.) and only about an hour away. This airport offers major airline service with connecting flights to cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver as well as Portland. For more information, please visit: http://www.eugene-or.gov/index.aspx?NID=173

The City of Florence operates a municipal airport with a 3000 (914 meters) foot runway that can handle twin-engine aircraft and small jets. Pilots visiting this airport should call 541-997-8664 and/or should use frequency 118.225. For more information, visit these web sites:

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