Ten new pile were installed near the Mo’s end of the wharf and four new pile near the ICM end of the wharf.  A total of 41 pile will be installed during the project.

Legacy, based in Stayton, has equipment and materials staged in the parking lot in front of Mo’s Restaurant on Bay Street.  The contractor estimated over 200 tons of materials will be used during the project, including steel beams up to 67 feet in length. They have been using the land-based crane located in front of Mo’s for the first piling installations.  Later this week they will be moving the crane onto a barge so they can begin the water-side pile installation.  Most pile installation will be completed with a vibro hammer, which vibrates the piling into the ground.  A diesel hammer will be used on a limited basis to ensure piling are securely placed, per permit requirements.

The contractor will begin installing stringers under the Mo’s end of the wharf and setting pile caps this week.  In coming weeks they will be installing 14 new pile from the water, near the Mo’s end of the wharf, and 13 new pile near the ICM end of the wharf.  Legacy expects to work between 6am and 7pm, Monday through Friday, depending on tide and weather conditions.

The project is scheduled for completion in March of 2013, with in-water work to be completed by 15 February 2013.

The Port’s tenants on the wharf, ICM Restaurant and Mo’s Restaurant, are expected to remain open for business during the project.  “Our contractor has assured us that both restaurants should be able to operate normal business hours throughout the project,” Forsythe said.

Pedestrian access to the wharf and transient vessel dock surrounding the wharf will be redirected as needed during the project to ensure public safety.  Both Legacy Contracting and the Port of Siuslaw appreciate the public’s cooperation in maintaining a safe distance from the operation.

Regular project announcements will be posted on the Port’s website, www.portofsiuslaw.com, and Facebook pages.   Any questions should be directed to the Port office at 541-997-3426 or email port@portofsiuslaw.com.