Rules & Regulations



As a registered guest in the Port of Siuslaw Campground, you assume responsibility for your conduct and actions of your guests and visitors within your campsite and on port property.

Quiet Hours: 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Speed limit within the park is 10 mph.
Check -Out Time: 12:00 p.m.

  1. All customers must be able to provide office with proof of current RV and vehicle registrations.
  2. All RV’s must have a nice appearance with no tarps or duct tape.
  3. No subletting of RV site is allowed. RV site is to be occupied by registered guest.
  4. Restroom codes are for campground and moorage guests only.
  5. The campsites are designed for one sleeping unit and one vehicle. Additional vehicles or trailers require additional fees.
  6. Tents, in addition to one sleeping unit, require additional fees. 3 tents maximum allowed per campsite.
  7. You may stay up to 6 consecutive months in an RV site with an RV; up to 7 days within a 30 day period in an RV site with a tent, and only 1 day in a 30 day period in the Hiker/Biker area.
  8. No camping on the beach or outside of designated sites is allowed.
  9. Heat from portable barbeques will damage picnic tables. Do not place these items on the table.
  10. All campsites will remain uncluttered. Storage of any type is prohibited. Clothes lines are not permitted.
  11. If you wish to change sites, you must notify the Campground office, or the camp host.
  12. Campground fees include 4 people. Additional fees apply for additional people. There is no charge for children 6 and under. A maximum of 8 people, including children under 6, are allowed per site.
  13. RV’s in the “C” row (dry camping) may run their generators between the hours of 7am to 7pm.
  14. Campfires are allowed, but only in fire pits that are up off of the ground and have grates for cover.
  15. Garbage bins are conveniently located throughout the park. You must bag your garbage before depositing trash into the trash bins. All trash must be deposited in the trash dumpsters.
  16. Recycle bins are conveniently located throughout the park. Recycling includes CLEAN aluminum cans, plastic bottles, tubs, jugs, newspapers, and cardboard. Glass must be kept separate in designated cans.
  17. Sewer and sink wastewater connections must be airtight. State law prohibits any wastewater run-off to ground.
  18. The washing of RV’s, boats, and all other vehicles is not permitted at your site. Oil changes, lubrications, fabrications, body work and painting are not allowed within the park. These are environmental issues and have been established to keep the park grounds free of contaminates.
  19. The dumping of crab water and crab shells on the grass or in the bushes will kill the grass and vegetation – this is prohibited. Shells must be bagged and disposed of in trash bins located throughout the campground.
  20. Business operations in the campground are prohibited without prior written permission.
  21. The use of Fireworks, Firearms, Slingshots and BB guns is strictly prohibited.
  22. No overnight parking in boat/trailer parking lot.


  1. Security Gate Code and access to G and F docks are for moorage customers only.
  2. Boats must be launched at designated launch areas and moored in assigned prepaid marina slips.
  3. Kayaks may be kept in campsite and launched at designated launch areas.
  4. Launching or mooring boats on the river banks, or anchoring in the marina is prohibited.
  5. Harvested fish must be cleaned using the designated fish cleaning stations. All solid fish waste must be disposed of into garbage receptacles. According to the Port of Siuslaw Marina Best Management Practices, no dumping of fish carcasses near the marinas or boat launch is allowed.
  6. Moorage customers are to use marine pump-out stations for dumping boat sewage. The RV dump station is for dumping RV sewage only.


  1. For your protection and the protection of others, pets must be leashed at all times and not left unattended while outside.
  2. Leashes must be short enough as to prohibit pets from entering an adjacent site.
  3. Pets are not allowed in restrooms and laundry facilities with the exception of a trained, certified assisted pet.
  4. All pet owners are responsible for their animals’ behavior, containment and removal of the animals waste.
  5. Pets are not allowed in the Hiker/Biker tent area.

Failure to comply with the Campground, Moorage, or Pet Rules will result in immediate removal from the resort and all monies paid will be forfeited.

Guests shall be responsible for all damage caused by guest, or any of the guests or visitors they have visiting. These rules are strictly enforced.

The Campground and Marina have natural vegetation and wildlife, which can be observed, but not disturbed. Do not feed the wildlife – squirrels, geese, seagulls, seals, etc.

For your health and safety, your space must be kept clean and free of debris, electrical cords, hoses, or other items that can present a hazard to yourself and/or others. The Port of Siuslaw is not responsible for any accidents or injuries to any person while on campground property; for any lost or stolen items; or for damage to vehicles, RV’s or personal property. If you have any questions please inquire at the Campground office.


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