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The Port of Siuslaw has for sale a nearly 40 acre (about 16 hectares) parcel of land overlooking the Pacific Ocean that is currently zoned light industrial and deemed “shovel ready” by the State of Oregon. This means the State considers development could proceed within six months of acquisition within one or more of eight industry-type profiles such as Food Processing or Campus Industrial/Electronic and Computer Assembly.

Reliable service infrastructure and competitive utility rates for electricity and quality water from the City of Florence make this area worthy of consideration. Visit the Central Lincoln Utility web site.

This is an enterprise/e-commerce zone and has fiber optic service available immediately adjacent to the property. Reliable and very competitively priced electricity is available as are readily available City of Florence water and sewer services.

This property lies within the city limits of Florence, Oregon, is adjacent to other industrial properties and offers quick access to Highway 101, Highway 126 and the Siuslaw River. It is around 75 minutes by car from I-5 and one hour from Mahlon Sweet Airport in Eugene. Highway 126 offers one of the easiest and fastest freight corridor routes to and from Eugene, I-5 and the entire Oregon Coast. Coos Bay and Newport are each only an hour’s drive from Florence. Portland lies 170 miles (280 km.) away and almost three hours by car.

Florence AirportThe Florence Municipal Airport lies immediately to the south, has a 3000 foot (914 meters) runway and accommodates single and twin engine aircraft with wingspans up to 49ft. (15 meters) and weight of 12,500 pounds (5682 kg.).

United Parcel Service provides daily service to Florence via this airport.

Just to the east are the Siuslaw Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Lane Community College maintains a branch in Florence only about a mile (2 km.) away.

Many commutes by car or bicycle are only minutes from this property. Florence is generally flat with some hills, so bicycle commuting is easy.

The Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Native American tribes operate the Three Rivers Casino at the edge of Florence and are a significant employer in the area. Other major employers include Peace Health, Fred Meyer and the Siuslaw School District.

Recreational opportunities abound in the Florence area. Sandpines Golf Course is almost a stone’s throw away and Ocean Dunes Golf Course is but a few minutes away by car. The surrounding area is a hiker’s paradise with vistas of the ocean and more. Hunting is a favored past time with many options in the local area. The Florence area offers many water recreational opportunities such as fishing, diving, surfing, rowing, kayaking and water skiing on the many fresh water lakes that dot the surrounding area. Some of the most productive fishing grounds off the Oregon Coast are reached by the Siuslaw River that empties into the Pacific Ocean. The Oregon Dunes National Recreation area is minutes away.

This is an opportunity to relocate or expand a business in a community that offers a very high quality of life. Florence offers: outdoor recreation opportunities, low crime rates, a quality work force, reasonably priced housing, good schools, is close to Eugene and other west coast cities. Come to Florence and discover the advantages we offer your firm!

Site Description
The site lies within the city limits of Florence and completely out of the 100 year floodplain. It is mainly comprised of soil type 44 Dune Land and some Waldport fine sand with elevations ranging from 25 to 40 feet (7.6 to 12.2 meters).

A Phase One Environmental Site Assessment was completed in in 2007 with the DEQ issuing a No Further Action Letter for the property.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has determined that site development will not impact State listed fish or wildlife species.

A wetlands determination and delineation were done by the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL #WD04-0603, WD99-0227) citing a wetland riparian area in the northwest corner of the property leaving the balance available for development.

The appropriate Native American tribes have been contacted and an archeological investigation completed with a conclusion that ground disturbing activities are unlikely to impact significant archeological resources.

Air: Mahlon Sweet Airport in Eugene is 60 miles (97 km) and only about an hour’s drive from Florence. This airport offers connecting flights to Portland, Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Visit the Eugene Airport Website.

The North Bend, Oregon airport is about 50 miles (80 km.) away and offers connections to San Francisco and beyond. Visit the North Bend Airport Website.

Florence Municipal Airport has a runway of 3000 feet (914 meters) that abuts the property and can accommodate small single and twin engine aircraft.

Highway: The property is within a half mile (1 km) of Highway 101 and two miles (3 km) from the intersection with Highway 126 that connects Florence with Eugene and I-5. I-5 is a 75 minute drive from the property.

Marine: The Port of Siuslaw offers cargo transfer facilities approximately two and half miles away (4 km).

Rail: Rail service plans to resume service in 2011. This rail line begins in Coquille, has connections with the Port of Coos Bay, the Port of Siuslaw district and ties in with class one rail lines at Eugene.

The 2010 estimate of Florence’s population is 8,465 and, when including the surrounding areas of Mapleton, Swisshome, Deadwood, Dunes City, Lakeside, Waldport and Yachats, the total population is over 20,000. This is in a radius of about 30 miles (50 km) around Florence.


When a 50 mile (80 km) radius from Florence is drawn, the population increases to just over 222,000 people.

Since 1990, the population of Florence has increased by 58%. By 2030, the Lane County Council of Governments estimates the Florence population to be over 17,000.

Many have moved to Florence attracted by the area’s natural beauty, housing affordability, recreational opportunities, ambience and proximity to quality health care services.

From the web, the Oregon Prospector offers a range of demographic information about the Florence area:

Florence is located in Lane County Oregon. The 2009 inflation adjusted per capita income for Lane County was $33,560. Lane County’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 9.3% as of April 2011. July 2006 figures show Lane County’s total personal income to be about $10.5 Billion.

Lane County’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 9.2% in May 2011. According to the State of Oregon, the unemployment rate for Florence is estimated at five points more than Lane County’s at about 14%.

Education & Schools
The world class University of Oregon is located in Eugene an hour’s drive from Florence. Lane Community College maintains a campus in Florence.

There are about 1400 students in the Siuslaw School District. The campus containing the Elementary, Middle and High Schools is only about one mile (2km) away from this site.

For 2010, the average sales price of a single family home in the Florence area was $186,800 and the median sales price was $163,000.

The general cost of leasing a three bedroom two bath detached home in the Florence area ranges from about $925-$1200 per month with other options available.

There is a wide range of residential housing options in greater Florence: single family, condominiums, townhomes and multi-family configurations. Because of the proximity to water, there are waterfront and view options of the ocean, river and fresh water lakes that surround Florence. Homes on acreage are common options in the surrounding area.

This parcel of land is zoned Light (Limited) Industrial by the City of Florence.

The property is bordered by Single Family Residential on one side, Commercial to another, the Florence Municipal Airport to the south and by Rhododendron Drive to the west.

This parcel is in an enterprise zone and qualifies for certain tax advantages

Oregon has been listed by the non-profit Washington D.C. based Tax Foundation as one of the top ten tax climate states in the country in which to conduct business.

The Florence area is attractive to business because of accessibility and proximity to transportation hubs such as Eugene and Portland. Health care, tourism, retail and gaming related employers are major players in the Florence area.

With daily air freight service, adjacent fiber optic service and Highway 126 improvements in 2009, Florence offers an attractive location for business. Such as:

Fishing Charter

• Telecommunications/Internet related businesses
• High technology related businesses
• Small aircraft/Aviation related businesses
• Bioengineering
• Medical device manufacturing
• Research and Development
• Bottling, Beverages or Brewing related businesses
• Food Industry—fish and other related types
• Tourism
• RV related businesses
• Plastic related industries
• Recreation and water sports related businesses
• Health care related
• Gaming
• Insurance
• Agricultural related businesses
• Storage and Distribution

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